The Culinary Concerts story embraces the spirit of challenging our collective imaginations and then achievement of these expressions through our extensive experience, harmonic discipline, and playful spirit!   We see our work as chefs and party planners as privilege – never procedure.  

Menu design begins with an open collaboration between chef and client.  Well-rehearsed in many cuisines, menus are individually designed to serve each client’s specific taste, experience, setting, and budget.   Final menus are abundant, locally-sourced whenever possible, and respectful to the planet.  

Event design takes center stage with Chef Christopher Bracken and his creative and energetic team of planners. No detail is overlooked to ensure your event is a worry-free experience for you. Our company is known for its excruciating attention-to-details. With nearly nine hundred unique weddings in our portfolio and an orchestra of important social and corporate events, we believe that we are Connecticut’s most experienced and consistent caterer.