Prepare to be inspired….your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.   It should also be one of the most delicious! 

Tell us your food stories; a romantic city lights dinner….a summer street festival….the neighborhood bakery where you grew up….the farmer’s market…. grandmother’s cooking....a deli sandwich….it can be anything.   We will listen.

We have a thousand ideas to share yet we welcome a foodie brainstorm…. ….which always leads to an event that is as unique as you!

With nearly 30 years of comprehensive experience, our company is skilled, confident, and at ease in their ability to produce rousing and scrumptious menus at any location.   We craft just one wedding on any given day, and Chris leads the kitchen team on every one of them.  

So rather than presenting you with pre-arranged menus or lists, we have chosen to share a small sampling of our unique and creative work.  Please enjoy, and we look forward to making a connection!


****"Click on the names below to view sample compilations of seasonal menus"***

Fall Menus

Autumn tree .jpg

Brenna & Henri's Wedding~ "PLATED" ...our vintage 50's firing up half-shell clams w garlic butter and pico di gallo, a "tasting" of Cape Code Bay farmed & wild-caught oysters, charcuterie, and a warm kabocha squash & arugula salad to kick-off dinner.

Sarah & Marshall's Wedding~ "BOWLS" ...we met Sara five years ago at her sister Sophia's wedding at the family home in Branford in 2011. Sara & Marshall had specific ideas for their menu (sister rivalry?) with Peruvian influences and the comfort of a home-cooked meal a la "French Tavern" in Brooklyn - where they live. Yucca Chips & Salsas, Vermont Comte, Duck Rilettes, "Conchitas a la Parmesan", Moules Frites, Barolo-braised Short Ribs, "El Arroz y Can Pato", Macarons, Peanut-Bacon Brittle on Vanilla Bean Gelato Sundaes w Marshmallow Sauce.

Sophia & Eric's Wedding~ "SMALL PLATES" ...a pop up oyster bar, champagne, tapas at custom-made couter-height tables, Mongolian-style bbq of lamb and grilled shrimp for cocktail hour. Dinner buffet at "The Counter" was a classic French cassoulet of duck, venison, and sausage (her dad's idea) served in bubbling, single-serve crocks. Accompaniments were butternut lasagna and treviso-parsley salad.

Madolyn & CJ's Wedding~ "COOK's STATIONS" ...a made-to-order sandwich station with a signature from their college days in Deleware "The Bobby" - turkey dinner on a roll, a "French Dip", and a tomato-mozzarella panini were accompanied by a New Orleans-themed station with blackened fish and chow-chow, and pulled chicken & sweet corn "stew" served in small crocks with sweet potato biscuits. A tower of little doughnuts served as the wedding cake.

Christina & Jonathan's Wedding~ "ALL FAMILY PLATED" ...all family style dinner served on a sweet collection of random, vintage china. Four platters per table; grilled flat iron steak w black truffle butter, creamer potatoes, and Tuscan spinach, pan-sauteed Block Island stripers w caramelized fennel puree, house-made butternut squash gnocchi w crispy-fried sage & pancetta crisps, and greens of broccoli di rabe and zucchini.

Hena & Jason's Wedding~ "Indian-style, Plated Family Dinner w/No Alcohol" - Chicken Tikki Masala, Beef Biryani, Curried Autumn Vegetables, Bubble Tea, Mango Lassis.


Spring Menus

cherry tree .jpg

Stella & Wen's Wedding~ "PLATED" ...short ribs and wild halibut, and a pretty dessert table of cupcakes, fruit tarts, and fancy cakes.

Paris & Malcom's Wedding~ "PLATED" ...champagne tower, raw oysters, diver scallop w Meyer lemon, favas and oil-cured olives, filet of beef and salmon w three peas entrees, Vermont artisan cheeses, and banana-walnut wedding cake.

Suzanna & Noah's Wedding~ "PLATED FAMILY" ...Greek-themed menu of festive and traditional foods...taramasalata, fava beans, baccala, flaming ouzo shrimp, roasted eggplant & peppers, grilled lamb sirloins w gignate beans, branzino w tomatoes & green olives, and house-made ice cream sandwiches.

Katy & Eddie's Wedding~ "PLATED RESTAURANT-STYLE" ...Katy's dad was a long-time CT restaurateur w a fine reputation so we were honored to be asked to serve their event. A tasting of hors d'oeuvres at our first meeting sold them. We began with a frisee, early spinach, & strawberry salad with Humboldt Fog and walnuts, followed by beef filet and wild halibut entree.

Cindy & Paul's Wedding~ "SMALL PLATES/STATIONS" ...fun dinner stations wedding of traditional foods - with our gourmet spin; a grilled flat iron steak w chimichurri, scallops w black beans & bacon, chicken Provencale, "over-stuffed" butternut squash ravioli from Antico's pasta shop in Meriden, lobster paella, and crispy spring rolls on wasabi mashed potato martinis! Guys (and Gals) loved the Cigar and Cognac bar.

Summer Menus

summer tree .jpg

Bethany & Beau's Wedding~ "BUFFET" ...Beth and Beau are friends with a couple whose wedding we served in 2002...BB's family are food-centric! We are looking forward to a feast of Family-style Tomato & Burrata Salad and a help yourself table of Crispy Roast Chicken w Wild Rice & Coriander and Salmon w Sweet Corn, Cabbage, and Bacon Vinaigrette.

Jill & Stephen's "Big Italian" Wedding~ "PLATED" ...flavored popcorns, cheeses and charcuterie, and a pasta station for cocktail hour...grilled skirt steak w creamed spinach and branzino w fava bean, tomatoes, and olives...Napoleon cake and pignolis!

Augusta & Danette~ "SMALL PLATES/STATIONS" ...lovely August wedding with a tuna and shellfish station, a gardener's cheese table, plated diver scallop on a gazpacho coulis, stations of salmon, steak and pasta...old-fashioned pies for dessert.

Ashley & Dan's Wedding~ "PLATED & FAMILY" ...delightful couple just finishing medical school in the city...menu of "his-n'hers" red and green lettuce salads, entree duet of rack of lamb w raspberry-onion jam and Diver scallop w pain perdu and tomato confit, and tiramisu wedding cake.

Celia & Terrell's Wedding~ "PLATED & FAMILY" ...we met for dinner at their favorite Cuban place to plan their Cuban-Latin themed menu w hors d'oeuvres of mini Cubanos & sweet corn soup, red snapper ceviche and chorizo in Rioja...entree of "Pollo u Moderno" w hot pepper sauce and gauva-mango-pineapple salsa, family black beans and white rice, and a finish of key lime pie in jars for dessert.

Krista & Jay's Wedding~ "PERFECT PAIRS/STATIONS" ...shrimp burgers w chow chow on mini English & wagyu beef on gougeres w pommes frites, zucchini-pappardelle w hand Caesar salads, paella w arugula, fennel, and beet salad...creme brulee, blueberry pies in jars, and tiramisu.

Caity & Max's Wedding~"COOK's STATIONS" ...we visited their favorite "chicken & waffles" joint in Fairfield County for a vibe then came back w our stellar version of the "waffles" along with skirt steak fajitas and a classic New England seafood boil...ice cream sundaes and a late night snack of egg and bacon sandwiches on miniature English muffins.

Phil & Leslie's Wedding~ "PIG ROAST" ~ "FAMILY" ...we met a few times discussing options before landing on what they first requested; a gourmet pig roast, family-style sides, local oysters, champagne, and one long table to connect their fifty friends and family.

James & Marina's Wedding~ "RESTAURANT-STYLE PLATED w FAMILY" ...we visited the family's Lyme farmhouse three times before recommending the best place to seat 250 guests under one tent for dinner...we planned logistics, parking, valet, bathrooms, fire pit, power, lighting, and a place to park an old Chevy pick-up truck for photo ops. Guests selected their mains at the time they were seated...chicken and salmon w heirloom carrot puree and spiced couscous ~ tasteful event for a sweet family.

Diane & Gabe's Wedding~ "PICNIC PLATED" ...residing in Brooklyn, Diane & Gabe hosted their reception at the family home in Guilford. They brought us ideas (and food) from their favorite little French Bistro in the city...his & her cocktails, (Penicillin & St. Germain) pik'd ice at the bar (block ice), cherry lemonade, vichyssoise, toisted French sandwiches of brie-onion jam and merguez sausage-ratatouille, family sides of lentils and peppers, Rainier cherries and wedding cake.

James & Alice's Wedding~ "PLATED DUET" ...smoky corn, avocado, and romaine salad followed by an entree duet of spice-crusted diver scallop and rack of grass-fed lamb. Wedding cake was accompanied by a chef station of flaming fresh cherries "Jubilee" over vanilla ice cream.

Yonitte & Jay's Wedding~ "GLUTEN FREE & KOSHER-STYLE BUFFET" ...grilled beef sirloin-k-babs w polenta & parsley pesto chimichurri, rosemary-lemon chicken (bone-in) with capers, olives, and fig tapenade, poached eggs on kale & spinach nests w cashew cream, roasted wild mushroom & asparagus risotto, and quinoa w black beans, jicama, and heirloom carrots.

Polly & Kirby's Wedding~ "SMALL PLATES/STATIONS" ...mac and cheese (three ways) served up in crocks, a fish shack w crisp-fried haddock, flat iron steak, rum punch, carrot cupcakes, tiramisu and fruit tarts.

Rachel & Nathan's Wedding~ "STATIONS BUFFET" ...about a year before her Madison wedding, we visited Rachel's NYC's neighborhood vegetarian enclave to get a vibe on the style of foods she enjoyed...passion fruit mojitos, olive-oil poached halibut w lemongrass-verjus infusion, sesame tofu scallopini w green curry, bok choy, & red carrots, zucchini pappardelle, roasted Sicilian vegetables w basil pistou, and coconut, boston cream, and chocolate cupcakes.

Winter Menus

winter tree .jpg

Veronica & Rick's Wedding~ "BLACK TIE PLATED" ...intimate gathering for twenty guests...festive appetizers, fine champagne and wines, and dinner of Maine diver scallop, rack of pork w quince and apple, truffles w gold leaf.

Theresa & Brandon's Wedding ~ "BLACK TIE PLATED" ...New Year's Eve wedding for 250 guests...champagne fountains, lamb brochettes, cognac shrimp & bacon, potato cakes w caviar...dinner tables w relish trays, lobster cocktails, white truffle risotto, cranberry granite and a duet entree of spiced scallop and porter steak melted leeks, pear Helene and cherries jubilee.



"I went to see her caterer. He talked of salt and pepper shakers, chafing dishes, champagne toasts, hors d'oeuvre trays, arugula salad with fennel shaved paper thin, rented stoves, a cast of trained servers in long white aprons. I pressed Lynda Regina's recipe into his hand to try. He barely flinched when he read, "ketchup" as one of the ingredients. I wrote a check....

meanwhile, Whit and Adam showed up this past weekend to meet with the caterer at the Meeting House to try Lynda Regina's church recipe and another featuring cubed leg of lamb. The caterer and the betrothed couple, who six weeks ago would not have found much common ground, instantly bonded."

"Claudia Van Nes, Mother-of-the-bride and Life Journalist, The Hartford Courant