Good cooks will recognize the words on the yellow placard as gospel.  This quote, attributed to a legendary British chef, resides central in our kitchen for nearly thirty years. 

Menu design begins with an open collaboration between chef and client.  Well-rehearsed in many cuisines, menus are individually designed to serve each client’s specific taste, experience, setting, and budget. All menus are abundant, locally-sourced whenever possible, and respectful to the planet.  

Additionally, no event detail is overlooked to ensure your  experience is worry-free for you - and for us. We are well-known for excruciating attention-to-details.

Given our tenure, our staff, and most of all - our customers, we believe we are Connecticut’s most experienced and consistent event caterer.     

Expertise in

  • Weddings, Receptions, & Life Events
  • Corporate, Professional, & Not-for-Profit Events
  • Casual Summer Dining;  Clam Bakes, Pig Roasts, & Barbecues
  • In-flight Catering, Yacht Catering, & Upscale Concessions
  • Tents, Design, & Logistics
  • Drinks (CT Liquor License # LCT-15)

Whether your venue is a Manhattan showroom, a private home on Block Island, the campus at Amherst, a farm in South Salem, Eolia Mansion, a Thimble Island, or a Beachfront estate in Kennebunk, there isn’t much territory we haven’t covered.  We are a New England catering and special events company that believes the most important event we cater is the very next one.